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A healthy, beautiful smile is something that must be consistently maintained. At Beveridge Dental in San Jose, we believe that instilling good oral health habits can exponentially increase the longevity of your smile. Your dental health should be treated for a lifetime. That’s why we cater to your entire family, from the oldest to the youngest, at Beveridge Dental.

Dr. Stephen Beveridge, Dr. Erin Beveridge Cabuling, and their skilled staff work hard to create a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment. We offer age-appropriate comforts and amenities to our patients, so they can feel at peace during their visit.

Older couple enjoying the benefits of family dentistry at Beveridge Dental in San Jose

Some of the family dentistry services we provide include:

Dental Implants | Dental implants are a viable solution for filling in the gaps in your smile. They are ideal for replacing missing teeth and effectively restoring your smile.

Dental Crowns | Dental crowns can protect damaged or broken teeth. At Beveridge Dental, we use porcelain crowns that can match your natural teeth, giving you an attractive smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings | Fillings are typically used to repair cavities. We use durable composite fillings that can match the color of your teeth.

Sealants | Sealants provide an extra line of defense against tooth decay. They can help preserve your teeth.

I have received dental care from both Dr. Beveridge and Dr. Beveridge-Cabuling (Dr. Erin is her preferred nickname ). Both are highly skilled practitioners and have exceptional etiquette. My experience receiving care has been very pleasant. Both doctors keep you informed of their procedures and constantly reassess your status while performing their procedures. Also, both doctors show a high degree of empathy for their patients. My father is a patient there and both doctors expressed concern as to why he had not returned for care in a considerable amount of time. I informed them he had a serious medical issue arise and both took an interest to speak with me. It is their human touch that sets their practice in the highest of merit. I highly recommend this practice for dental care.

Eric S. | August 14, 2019

Invisalign | With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth without the hassle of traditional braces.

Gum Disease Treatment | At Beveridge Dental, our dentists and staff can help prevent and treat gum disease. Periodontal disease is usually a silent culprit, but our amazing team knows how to identify it. We can help stop periodontal disease in its tracks.

Teeth Whitening | You can have bright, white, glittering teeth with teeth whitening. We offer a couple of teeth whitening options, including ZOOM and Day White. We can help you get the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted!

TMJ | If you are suffering from discomfort in your jaw, we can work with you to determine the cause and get you the relief you need.

Call us today to learn more about our family dentistry options if you are in the San Jose area, including Saratoga and Los Gatos. Our staff will freely answer any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Beveridge and his team are excited to get to know you and the rest of your family!

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