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erin&dan-minCosmetic defects in your smile can be a source of social discomfort, a distraction, and reduce your self confidence. Many people hold back from smiling and even laughing because they are concerned about the appearance of their smile. We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile that they are not afraid to share. With the latest in cosmetic dental technology our staff can help you get the wonderful smile you have always wanted and improve your facial aesthetics.

Some of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide include:

Invisalign™ | Invisalign™ is a great way to get straighter teeth without using traditional braces. With Invisalign™ your teeth are gently straightened over a period of time using clear and durable Invisalign™ trays. The trays are removable, so you can continue to care for your teeth normally, unlike with traditional metal and wire braces.

Tooth Whitening | If you’ve ever felt that your teeth just aren’t white enough, or if your teeth have been stained from food or beverages you may want to consider teeth whitening. We offer a couple of different tooth bleaching services including ZOOM™ and Day White.289

DrB CosmeticPorcelain Veneers | Dental veneers look just like natural teeth and are a great option for those looking to improve their smile. Veneers can be used to fix issues such as uneven spacing, cracks, chips or other tooth defects. Porcelain veneers require no special care, and are a durable and long lasting option for increasing the brilliance of your smile.

Porcelain Crowns | If you have misshapen, broken, or discolored teeth you may want to consider getting a porcelain crown. A porcelain crown looks and feels natural, and is custom made to fit snugly over a carefully reshaped original tooth. Dental crowns are a fantastic way to increase functionality and appearance.

Dental Implants | If you have ever lost a tooth, do not despair. With modern dental implant technology we can place an implant in your jawbone, and create a “new” tooth. Having gaps due to tooth loss is unfortunate, but by getting a dental implants we can fill the hole left by your lost tooth, and get your smile back to where you want it to be.

Have any questions about what cosmetic dentistry services we can provide you? Give us a call!

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