If you frequently suffer from severe chronic headaches, intermittent ringing in your ears, or even jaw discomfort, you may have TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). TMD is often characterized by a tender, tingling, or sore jaw. It can also make your jaw pop, grate, or click when you open and close it.

TMD often happens when your jaw shifts out of alignment. This can contribute to overuse or misuse of your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Your temporomandibular joints are the joints that connect your skull and your jawbone.

A variety of conditions can contribute to TMD, including:

Teeth Grinding | If you often grind your teeth, it can cause TMD. Teeth grinding usually occurs during sleep, resulting in overuse of the TMJ and tooth erosion. If left untreated, tooth grinding can cause serious dental problems. At Beveridge Dental, we offer a special bite guard that can help prevent patients from grinding their teeth at night.
Funny mature man with beautiful smileInjury | If you have injured your jaw, it can cause TMD. At our San Jose dentist office, Dr. Beveridge can provide treatment to relieve your symptoms.
Bad Bite | If you have a misaligned jaw or bad bite, it can cause TMD. Dr. Beveridge can help treat a bad bite by realigning or adjusting your teeth.

TMD can seriously interfere with your everyday life. Its painful symptoms can hinder your physical comfort. If you think you may have TMD, we can help alleviate your symptoms.

At Beveridge Dental, we strive to provide comfort and relief to those who are suffering from TMD. During your appointment, Dr. Beveridge can determine if you have TMD. After you’ve been diagnosed, we can come up with an effective treatment plan for your TMD symptoms.

In addition to traditional TMD treatments, we offer Botox as an alternative treatment for TMD. In just under twenty minutes, Botox can help alleviate your TMD symptoms, giving you a normal life again.

If you want to learn more about TMD or using Botox for TMD relief, call us today at Beveridge Dental!