Patient Testimonials

We love giving our patients a reason to smile! Many of our patients have let us know how they feel about their experience here at Beveridge Dental in San Jose. We invite you to read some of these reviews below.

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Beveridge Dental had a great Staff and I enjoy working with Dr Erin during my appointments. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a new Dentist.

Ashutosh D. | November 14, 2019

Dr. Erin and Dr. Stephen have a genuine way of making patients feel totally at ease. I have never had a bad experience here. Highly recommend! Maria is great at the front desk as well. She answered all my financial questions and is always very friendly.

Talitha E. | November 14, 2019

Dr. Erin Beveridge and her staff did (an) excellent job with my dental care which included some dental surgery. They improved my dental health and my appearance. The doctor and her team are good people. I highly recommend going there for your Dental needs.

Marc R. | November 14, 2019

I’ve been coming to be Beveridge Dental for years and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Dentist. From cavities to crowns they treat all in a professional manner. Thank you to Dr.Erin, Arely, and Michelle for all you do to make my visits so pleasant.

Eileen. | September 19, 2019

Dr. Beveridge did an excellent job on hoping to save a critical tooth of mine.I had suggested an approach to save me money and protect my physical medical
condition. Doctor agreed and proceeded as suggested. Took great care in completing the task at hand. His dental assistant was very helpful as well. Explaining what was being done and making certain I was comfortable throughout the entire process. See you again soon.

Bob S. | September 19, 2019

I have received dental care from both Dr. Beveridge and Dr. Beveridge-Cabuling (Dr. Erin is her preferred nickname ). Both are highly skilled practitioners and have exceptional etiquette. My experience receiving care has been very pleasant. Both doctors keep you informed of their procedures and constantly reassess your status while performing their procedures. Also, both doctors show a high degree of empathy for their patients. My father is a patient there and both doctors expressed concern as to why he had not returned for care in a considerable amount of time. I informed them he had a serious medical issue arise and both took an interest to speak with me. It is their human touch that sets their practice in the highest of merit. I highly recommend this practice for dental care.

Eric S. | August 14, 2019

I love having my teeth cleaned. after 3 years with no insurance I got my cleaning done today. so happy with the service, and they offer free whitening for brides! I got caught up in making my next appointment when I got home I realized I had forgotten to pay my copay. I called and was told no worries, we will take care of it when I go back in a few weeks for my complimentary whitening.

Caroline G. | June 14, 2016

My teeth were whitened at Dr. Beveridge’s office. Amanda did an amazing job helping me achieve a better and whiter smile. She was gentle, attentive, and professional. I do recommend this office for all your dental needs. My husband and I have been going there for over 15 years.

Mabe S. | May 20, 2016

Dentistry is probably my biggest fear in life (seriously) and because of this I would only visit a dentist when there was pain. Now that I’m older and facing several issues with my teeth and gums I’m committed to being more proactive (better late then never). I have to say, one of the reasons I’m more committed to my dental health is greatly due to Dr. Beveridge and my comfort level with him and ALL the staff. From the minute I called to schedule my first visit I felt relaxed. Amanda was great, she listened to me rant about how fearful I am and how important it was for me to feel a good connection with the dentist and she got me in for the initial visit quickly. She’s also very patient with me in trying to work my dental appointments into my busy work/life schedule and she smiles the entire time I try to juggle, she’s not impatient at all.

Dr. Beveridge is like no other dentist I have ever met (I have gone through a few). Five stars isn’t enough, but it’s the highest Yelp will allow me to give. He’s gentle in every aspect of being a Dentist. He explained my situation with my gums and teeth and all my options, advised on a priority list and believe me my list is long. He listens and explains in great detail and most importantly, he is NOT condescending, nor is he arrogant. He doesn’t rush or leave in the middle of working on you. He follows up on the appointment in the evening to ensure I’m feeling ok (who does this anymore? HE does!!)

Tulsey (not sure I spelled that right) my hygienist is awesome, she knows her stuff. I’m having to have deep cleaning done and I felt absolutely nothing, not during nor afterwards. I had heard horror stories about scaling and root planing and I was scared. She was gentle and explained everything she was doing before she did it.

Vicki helped work with my financial institution to be able to obtain an increase in my credit line so I could afford my treatment plan. I’m so impressed with this practice in every aspect. I’m a small business owner and I can only hope my business is running as smooth, polite and professional as this one!

If you are looking for a great dentist and the staff that backs his success, Stephen Beveridge is it. It’s my new home, away from home for dentistry. I trust him and believe him to just be a decent person, in addition to a great dentist.

L T. | October 14, 2014

Dr. Beveridge has been my dentist of choice ever since I moved to the south bay. I believe it’s been near 20 years that I’ve gotten to know the doctor and his staff. Though Stephanie no longer mans the front desk, Amanda has taken over completely, and stays on top of things wonderfully. Alyssa always brightens my day, and the hygienist does the best cleaning I’ve ever seen. I’d highly recommend Steve Beveridge to my close family, and friends. If you are looking for a dentist near Los Gatos, who does the best crowns, and is very familiar with Invisalign, or other cosmetic dentistry. It’s an easy choice to choose the good doctor. Not to mention his staff backs him up better than any team I’ve ever witnessed. 5 Stars was a no brainer on this yelp rating. Give Dr. Beveridge’s office a call, what are you waiting for!

Steve C. | June 25, 2014