Laser Dentistry

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Female laser dentistry patient with healthy gums and teethBeveridge Dental exists to make our patients’ lives and smiles better. Because our practice is patient-focused, we make it our top priority to provide a thoughtful selection of equipment and top-of-the-line materials to better treat and care for your oral health and your smile.

As such, we employ the use of many types of dental technologies, including laser dentistry. This style of dentistry can be especially helpful in procedures like receding gums treatment.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Dental technology has advanced greatly over the years. Traditionally, dental drills and other tools such as scalers have been used to remove decay or shape and structure teeth for crowns or fillings. While these tools are still used in many dental offices today, new and improved options now exist in the form of dental lasers.

At Beveridge Dental, we can use dental lasers as well as traditional dental equipment to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Our soft-tissue laser — also known as a diode laser — is great for treatments or procedures that require working with soft oral tissues like the gums.

We can use dental lasers in a variety of treatments, some of which may surprise you; teeth whitening, receding gums treatment, and periodontal care are just some of the procedures that can benefit from laser dentistry.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has been used to perform some of the same treatments that were traditionally performed with a dental drill. Laser dentistry offers:

  • Reduced dental anxiety in patients who are not comfortable with dental drills.
  • Less pain, which can reduce the need for dental anesthesia.
  • Reduced gum swelling and bleeding, which are common during soft-tissue treatments.
  • More effective teeth cleaning and disinfecting teeth than traditional methods.

We also use dental lasers for periodontal therapy. Periodontal therapy is a treatment of teeth that focuses on deep cleaning the gums around teeth to prevent decay from forming. Once bacteria and disease like that forms, it can spread to the teeth and cause widespread decay throughout the entire mouth.

Using laser dentistry during this procedure can provide patients with a deeper clean.

In addition to periodontal therapy, some patients who have struggled with gum disease may have suffered from gum recession. We can use our dental laser to provide effective receding gums treatment. This can make your smile more beautiful and even healthier!

Experience Cutting-Edge Laser Dentistry at Beveridge Dental!

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