2Have you ever suffered from severe chronic headaches, intermittent ringing in your ears, or even jaw pain? Is it difficult for you to conduct simple oral health tasks like brushing or flossing? Does your jaw joint feel tender, tingling or sore? Does your jaw joint pop, grate or click, or is it hard to open your mouth?

Often these symptoms are signs that you may have TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). Overuse or misuse of your temporomandibular joints (These joints are known as TMJ. They are the joints that connect your skull and your jawbone) can result in TMD occurring, causing these symptoms and more.

Some of the causes of TMD include:

  • Grinding | If you grind your teeth frequently, it can cause TMDs. Often teeth grinding can occur during sleep, resulting in overuse of the TMJ and eroding tooth support. If tooth grinding isn’t treated it can cause serious dental problems. One of the best ways to treat tooth grinding is by using a special bite guard that helps prevent patients from grinding their teeth at night.
  • Funny mature man with beautiful smileInjury | If you have ever injured the meniscus cartilage it can cause TMD. If this is why you have a TMD, Dr. Beveridge can help provide treatment to relieve your symptoms.
  • Bad Bite | If you have a misaligned jaw or bad bite it can cause TMD. Dr. Beveridge can often help treat this cause by re-aligning the teeth, or by adjusting teeth.

Having TMD is no laughing matter, as its symptoms can seriously interfere with everyday life and cause severe discomfort. If you have TMD we are ready to help you get back on the path to good oral health.

It is our goal to provide comfort and relief to those who are suffering from TMD, or other problems with TMJ. After you have been diagnosed, our friendly staff will devise a plan to treat the symptoms and the root of your TMD issue.

In addition to traditional TMD treatments, we are also able to use Botox as an alternative treatment for TMD. In is little as 10-20 minutes, Botox can help alleviate your TMD symptoms and allow you to resume normal activity right away.

Have further questions about TMD or using Botox for TMD relief? Please call us today.

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